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Distance Sales Agreement


1.1. SELLER:
Title: Glide Transfer
Website: *.glidetransfers.com

1.2. BUYER:
Any user who accepts the agreement and continues to use the website.


2.1. This agreement regulates the transfer service requested by the BUYER from the SELLER’s www.glidetransfers.com website and the performance process of this service.

2.2. The reservation made by the BUYER is a preliminary reservation. After making the reservation, the BUYER will receive a “Reservation Pending” notification to the registered email address.

2.3. The SELLER will make an inquiry to determine the BUYER’s citizenship status. If the BUYER is a Turkish citizen, information such as the Turkish Republic ID number, flight number, and landing time will be requested from the BUYER.

2.4. If the BUYER is not a Turkish citizen, information such as the citizenship information, passport number, flight number, and landing time will be requested from the BUYER.

2.5. If it is determined that the BUYER has provided misleading information, the SELLER has the right to cancel the service, even during its provision.

2.6. After the correct and complete provision of the information requested by the BUYER, the reservation will be confirmed and a confirmation email will be sent to the BUYER.

2.7. The BUYER will make the payment related to the use of the service in cash from the moment the service starts.

2.8. The BUYER cannot exercise the right of withdrawal from the moment the service starts.

The performance process mentioned in this article broadly describes the service relationship to be established between the BUYER and the SELLER. Both parties must comply with this process and the general provisions of the contract.


3.1. The SELLER provides transfer service from the location specified by the BUYER to the target point specified by the BUYER. While this service generally covers airport transfer services, transfer service between different locations can also be provided if requested.

3.2. The scope of the service includes being picked up from the specified locations and being transported to the target points in a safe and comfortable manner.

3.3. The service does not include delays that may occur due to traffic, weather conditions, and other unexpected situations. The SELLER cannot be held responsible for delays that may occur due to these situations.

3.4. The BUYER’s baggage is also included in the scope of the service. However, it is the BUYER’s responsibility to comply with the baggage capacity of the vehicle type specified during the reservation. Attention must be paid to the baggage limits stated during car selection. In cases where the baggage capacity is exceeded, it may not be possible to provide the service.


4.1. The BUYER is obliged to provide correct and up-to-date information to the SELLER during the reservation process. These include, but are not limited to, the full name of the BUYER, contact information, citizenship identification information, or passport number, flight numbers, and the landing time of the flight.

4.2. The BUYER is obliged to make the payment in cash from the moment the transfer service starts, i.e., from the moment they get in the transfer vehicle.

4.3. The BUYER agrees to provide all the necessary information in time for the service to be provided. Otherwise, delays may occur in the provision of the service or it may be cancelled, in which case the SELLER does not accept any responsibility.

4.4. The BUYER accepts that if they provide misleading information, the SELLER has the right to cancel the service. Misleading information includes, but is not limited to, reporting false citizenship status, providing wrong flight number or landing time of the flight, giving wrong identification or passport number.


5.1. Based on the information provided by the BUYER during the reservation process, the SELLER undertakes to provide the service in a full, timely, and complete manner.

5.2. The SELLER undertakes to send a confirmation to the BUYER before the start of the service, after the reservation is completed correctly and on time by the BUYER.

5.3. The SELLER reserves the right to stop or cancel the service if the BUYER provides misleading information during the service process.

5.4. The SELLER undertakes to inform the BUYER about the situation and direct another car with similar features in case of any technical failure or unexpected situations that prevent the provision of the service. However, even in this case, it is committed to comply with the start time of the service with the least possible delay.


6.1. Since the payment for the services provided by glide transfers is made in cash to the driver at the moment the service starts, the BUYER has the right of withdrawal.

6.2. If the BUYER wishes to cancel their reservation using their right of withdrawal, they must notify their cancellation request using one of the communication channels specified by glide transfers. These channels are the info email address or other communication methods specified by glide transfers.

6.3. The BUYER must make the withdrawal notification at least 48 hours before the start date of the service. Cancellation requests made within this timeframe will be accepted.

6.4. The BUYER will not be obliged to make any payment to the SELLER for cancellation requests made less than 48 hours before the start date of the service.

6.5. The BUYER cannot exercise the right of withdrawal for cancellation requests made less than 48 hours in advance.


7.1 This Agreement consists of 7 main articles, and in case of dispute, the provisions of the Highway Transport Law No. 4925 will be applied.

7.2 In disputes arising from the contract, the Courts and Execution Offices of Alanya are competent.

7.3 The BUYER declares that they have read and accepted the agreement on behalf of themselves and/or the individuals whose names they have specified in the reservation form.

7.4 Even if someone else has performed and/or signed the reservation process on behalf of the BUYER, the BUYER accepts the validity of the contract.

7.5 The BUYER, as a consumer, declares that they accept all the provisions stated in this Distance Sales Agreement prepared on their behalf, the responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the reservation form they have sent, and that they have read, understood and accepted the information on the website www.glidetransfers.com and the Highway Transport Law No. 4925.

7.6 This Agreement enters into force as soon as it is read and accepted by the BUYER in electronic environment.